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oldchips 20-04-2018 07:50 PM

FS large Zig-Zag aluminium scaffold tower
Finally have to sell this, no room now to keep it.

A large aluminium scaffold tower by Zig Zag. Builds to a tower 1.5m by 3m, 5' by 10', with a platform limit of 272kg and a structure limit of 900kg, so not your ones that look like a pile of suitcases with your feet 20' off the ground.

There are:

six main frames, each 6' high by 5' wide
six extension side frames, each 30" high by 5' wide
five platforms, each 2'6" wide by 10' long
20 braces, straight and diagonal
six stabiliser legs
six height adjustable castors for the six legs

All in very nice condition, been looked after as you would expect when standing on it 24' off the ground!


All the castors have lost their rubber tread. Not a problem but on smooth surfaces the brakes don't work, at all!
Two castors are different, correct diameter for fitting in the tubes but somewhat shorter.
All the plywood platforms are getting a little ropey, replacement would be a good idea.

I have used these many times over the years. They can be made up to make a tower 23' to the platform, when the size and stability are really appreciated. They have also been used as two or three towers in a line to do guttering, roofing etc. I was told when I bought them, from Withams, ex government, that they were intended to be used with the five platforms in the three towers and two between the towers as a de-icing setup for aircraft wings, get a 50' run of platforms. There are plenty of struts to make either arrangement.

Price 2000. Will need a fair sized van or trailer to collect. Not much weight, mostly in the platforms, but bulky.

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