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shovelhead 13-06-2016 02:30 AM

Licensing for specific work
Just wondering how your licensing goes for your services. Do you have different licensing for types of work? In the States you must be tested and licensed for everything except general site work. Demolition work, Crane work, Sanitary work (septic system installation and city sewer connections) Environmental cleanup, Utility connections all require a specific license. Some are very difficult to get. Not always based on you knowledge and ability but rather who you know.

Traxcavator. 13-06-2016 06:40 AM

Re: Licensing for specific work
Not many in this country. Street works springs to mind, explosives. In this country you have massive insurance for dangerous works like demolition etc. Utility's may have their own to issue. Individual men, operatives, have to be tested on different types of machine. Like excavator Dozer dump truck etc. And then there are specific tests for safety in different trades, such as demolition rail work etc. Certain specialist equipment in these sectors too. General plant hire and site work is just operators competence card.

shovelhead 13-06-2016 11:58 PM

Re: Licensing for specific work
Demolition has 2 classes, A and B. A is more than 3 story's or above 35 feet, B is below 35 feet in height or less than 3 stories. Insurance coverage minimums also required. Explosives are a different license also. State and Federal safety cards are required depending on what the project is and who's funding it. If you dig into a road for anything you need bonding that covers cost if you go out of business or don't finish the job.

No individual machine certifications but trucking requires a classification of Class 1 - tractor trailer , Class 2 straight truck over 26000lbs (if your towing a trailer with Class 2 and the trailer is over 10,000 lbs you need to move to a Class A) and Class 3 cars and pickups.

Most bigger pick-ups can tow 15000 lbs and are under weight of the 26,000 of a Class B so those are used a lot with just Class Cs

Sorry if that's a bit confusing. We got lots of rules over here. The safety part is good but the licensing can really get in the way of making a living.

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