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orzoway 05-11-2019 07:55 AM

pipelayer /crane

a question if I can, what is the difference between a traditional crane and a pipelayer, when it is convenient to use the crane when the pipelayer, how it works how to use who invented it, I know it is used to lower the pipelines and letubaries of the pipelines oil pipelines in the oil industry, it's like a crawler hoist, but I never have screws working on it, let me know thanks

orzoway 16-02-2020 04:40 PM

Re: pipelayer /crane
guys excuse me if I reopen the topic better crawler tractor side boom with side weight or pipelayer type volvo type crawler crane with 360 rotating tower? volvo i saw he made a large excavator that changing the arm transforms from excavator to pipelayer crane and vice versa it converts according to the needs of the job the pins are removed the oil pipes are released ... what do you say, I believe that some models will lift up even if the cabin can't remember the model thanks ...:confused:



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