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V8Druid 15-06-2017 01:02 AM

Umbrella payroll cheats jailed for pocketing 45m

Look a right bunch of tossers :eek:

Must've had some turnover to run up that level of VAT debt and HTF did they get away with not paying for so long ????? :confused:
You or I'd have had 'em banging down the door !!!

And on the subject of VAT fraud ..... did anyone ever see the prog on carousel fraud a while ago .... plumber from Manchester spotted a loophole in the returns system, net.-ed IIRC 35 mil, before they realised they'd been had and burgered off to Switzerland.

Made the mistake of coming back, got nicked and sent down .... to an open prison .... where he promptly absconded from....... back to cuckoo clock land ..... any wonder they get taken, when they can't even cope with jailing 'em when they catch 'em. :rolleyes:

HMRC have a 1000 strong team ..... especially to deal with carousel fraud :eek:

pettsy 15-06-2017 05:44 PM

Re: interesting
A fruit and veg wholesaler near me was caught for Vat fraud a couple of years ago, was "only" about 600k. Got 18months in prison. Surprise surprise a new ltd company operating the next day.

V8Druid 15-06-2017 06:59 PM

Re: interesting
for those who're wondering WTF I'm on about with the carousel fraud .....

In the case I mentioned above .... the guy was trading ..... mobile phones ... on paper ..... never actually had any at all and all done from a few offices around the Eu.
Takes HMRC about 9 months to realise they've been bent over and trading multi million pound deals over that period, without actually having to shell out anything at all, you can create some level of VAT reclaims in a short time :eek:

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