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Originally Posted by EngconUK View Post
Interestingly enough, this came up in conversation between Ollie Gunns, Shovelhands and I at the BigDigDay on Saturday. We do make rotators (and indeed tilting hitches) but, TBH, don't sell many because both are overspecified for what they need to do.

Most of the time a rotator will be spinning in free air - perhaps above a sorting grab - so the torque that you get with a worm drive isn't needed. Similarly, a tilting hitch isn't used for offset digging: The angle is set and the digging force is provided by the excavator's rams, so a Helac unit is enough to do the job.

Basically, if you see one of these at the right price; my suggestion would be to re-purpose it into a tilty.


believe me, I been trying with that one .... but can never get a figure for it .... be time to try again shortly I think

Top end'd be no sweat ..... got a fair bit of 'makings' there to start with

Reckon that's S50s Robert .... weighs 180 kgs ... sound 'bout right ??
If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!
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