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Default Re: Wey and Arun Canal

Thatís a brilliant read Rob!

I can't add anything that hasn't been said already, but fair play to you and everyone involved.
It's great to see the amount of good nature there is in people, all wanting to leave something good behind them for later generations.

I see you've utilised some members skills and services too

Work done on a voluntary basis is a great way to bring a community together. Thereís still is a lot of it done around here, but health and safety and insurance stipulations have forced anything remotely big to be put out to tender. Of course it has to be that way, but I miss the days when you could just provide a digger and get a few boys together with tractors and trailers or some such and not have to over think the situation.

Everything from the lock brickwork to the repair on the boom of the Case,
was very interesting and extremely well presented by your good self.

Obviously I'd love to see more if you ever get the time.

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