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Default Re: Druidís New Duck Ė í99 Hydrema-Wiemar M1500

Originally Posted by V8Druid View Post
God knows what the n is referencing --- but appears to be rotational speed

only ref. google chucks up is this " How is T (Torque) directly proportional to N (RPM) " ??
God knows! But in laymanís terms, the abrasive chop saw spinamathings too fast for one of those blades! And the TCT saw spinamathings much slower than the abrasive wheel saw. So speed has got to be right to be safe with theses blades.

Sounds like your with safe limits, Doobin? But is that possibly because your on a smaller diameter blade? These TCT blades Iíve got are 305mm, and would be a fair th8ng t9 have going at twice the normal operating speed!

The TCT saw is also much more solidly built, which I guess is essential to get longevity out of the blades and is crucial for safety.
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