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Default Re: Bolt on pin cradle

Originally Posted by cps140 View Post
your best bet would be solid bar, for all the weight your saving..... or if you are really weight critical turn the 101.6 16.5mm wall down to 100mm

I think you are probably right, about staying with solid bar, although may be interested in the 101.6 16.5mm wall if you have some spare.
As these heads get regularly changed less weight makes them easier to handle. The genuine one at 280kg is so unwieldy that we had to use the machine to line the bolt holes up. My others a about 70kg can easily be manhandled that last mm and if something does go wrong I don't think even steel toe caps will be any good if 280kg fell on them. It also makes the centre of gravity a lot higher which isn't good on the trailer.
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