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Default Re: EU- in or out POLL

Just heard on the radio, over 3 million signatures now on the lets have a second vote' petition!
So the votes of an overwhelming majority in a democratic referendum doesn't really count now? And we must have another? .....very democratic!

I wonder if there will be a 'let's NOT have another vote' petition started! It may get even more signitures

There's going to be some great opportunities for this country going forward, I'm sure if it, some sacrifices for sure, but no Armageddon as has been suggested by the inners, it's time to be positive and not spend the whole time moaning about it!

Now we've got that bloody Sturgeon woman wanting to cause even more unrest! Surely the sensible thing to do is see how things pan out now? Let the EU dust settle, it might just be the best thing that ever happened to the UK (which includes Scotland!), if it looks like a bad decision in a few years time then you couldn't blame them for having another vote to part from the uk.....they might even win ?
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