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Default Re: Opinions on an earthworks contractual dispute

Thanks for the input on this.
But I think Trax is right, it sour grapes.
I priced the job to a defined scope of works that was set out in a BOQ. It gave indicative quants and we had to do our own surveys on site prior to starting and take all risk on the quantities. We went lump sum fixed price all risk to us and this was all factored into the rates and agreed by the client. The retention rate was 2.5% the contract was signed as so.
I think the client knows legally there in a weak position but there trying the old card of accept the offer or you won't work for us again. Not that I'm bothered I can do without this sort of hassle.
I have given them 7 days to settle the account before I go legal. I told the M/D on the phone today that management only companies like them are in a win win situation, they have no financial commitment unlike us who worked 2m worth of plant on the job for 8 weeks and then to get nearly 10% of the project value stolen back from us it says a lot about the poor state of the UK construction industry.
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