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Default Re: Licensing for specific work

Demolition has 2 classes, A and B. A is more than 3 story's or above 35 feet, B is below 35 feet in height or less than 3 stories. Insurance coverage minimums also required. Explosives are a different license also. State and Federal safety cards are required depending on what the project is and who's funding it. If you dig into a road for anything you need bonding that covers cost if you go out of business or don't finish the job.

No individual machine certifications but trucking requires a classification of Class 1 - tractor trailer , Class 2 straight truck over 26000lbs (if your towing a trailer with Class 2 and the trailer is over 10,000 lbs you need to move to a Class A) and Class 3 cars and pickups.

Most bigger pick-ups can tow 15000 lbs and are under weight of the 26,000 of a Class B so those are used a lot with just Class Cs

Sorry if that's a bit confusing. We got lots of rules over here. The safety part is good but the licensing can really get in the way of making a living.
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