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Default Re: TD 15C, IH & Dresser.

Originally Posted by Traxcavator. View Post
The oldest dozer I acquired from J Clubb, a company from Dartford in Kent. The undercarriage is not too good but she runs and drives pretty well.
Clubbs were going to scrap her, i did have to hand over some cash.
The newer Dresser was in good running order having only clocked up 6000 odd hrs. She came to us along with a coal blade which had been constructed on to the original semi U blade. I cut all the extra off and low and behold fresh new paint, well not so new but untouched on two thirds of the mould board was unused.
We had a problem with reverse clutch pack and so took out the transmission.
IH spares availability in this country is pretty bad and so it got left. Now i have the clearing up the yard bug and the dresser engine is running like a new engine, sound new anyway..... i have decided to see if i can get the trans parts.
Bert and JD we also have five Caterpillar dozers and four Komatsus'.
Traxcavator, was wondering if you still have this machine and know the serial no.? Im researching J Clubb and know that they had three TD-15C one of which was serial no.715. I'm trying to establish what the serial of the other two were.
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