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Originally Posted by AtlasRob View Post
Great to know machine is behaving itself.

I think we all have different ideas / expectations of how a piece of kit should behave / perform, sometimes unrealistic and many times simply down to the way we use it or have used other similar kit previously.
I generally find we adapt over time to get the best result we can with whatever it is we're using.

The picture of the slung pipe. Always try to keep the bucket ram open when lifting. It is one thing less to fail, but also helps prevent snagging of the lifting gear which can lead to premature failure.
It's a big issue within the "plant / construction industry" & I don't want you getting unnecessary flack from keyboard warriors when a simple "heads up" is all that's required
Thanks, It was slung like that because i didn't want to stress the hook to Much, Its says 3000kg on it but not convinced it would take it at the open end if you see what i mean.Its under threat of being cut off as it dont look right for lifting and its very good at catching anything that can snag on it.
It was only a try out to see whether we needed a larger machine or not.
It was slung eventually on a Large D Shackle from the Links arm. Just used the one Heavy Sling in the end also ,simple Job in the end.


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