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Originally Posted by V8Druid View Post
from what I understand .... if the server that carries it all isn't paid for it'd disappear ... end of ... no access ... nada !! All gone forever and that'd be a very sad day

Julian is a business man who probably spends most of his waking hours keeping on top of his business activities ....
if you're successful, it goes with the territory, unless you're 'BIG' enough to be able to delegate it all and simply sit back and let it run itself, by paying folk to make it happen.

Yes there are a lot of issues that are a PITA to many, others to a few and some that are downright frustrating to everyone ..... but .....
He does keep it all going, all be it not perhaps, as some/many/all of us might like ... but it's here, every time you log in!

How would you feel if it wasn't one night, or the next .... etc.
A lot more pissed off than any of these issues make you feel now, I'm sure.

It is a concern that being so outdated the whole 'shooting match' must be terribly vulnerable to some spotty oik hacker, who could knacker it all at the stroke of a key !!

It's also perhaps an issue that an update may also carry the risk/certainty even, that it might not come back up complete/as is, content wise?

Doesn't take thinking about eh? all gone perhaps!!!

Yes 'the man' promised it .... but .... there may well be problems/issues/major risks even, that we know sod all about .... it'd be nice to be told, if there were .... but we JUST DO NOT KNOW

So, in the meantime, however unpopular/annoying/frustrating/etc., it may be .... try to work around it .... threatening to sod off elsewhere, or start a new forum, etc., etc., is helping no one, especially not ourselves ... and could result in ending up with no forum to bitch about .... click, bye bye forum.

I know we've all volunteered contributions toward the running costs in the past and it hasn't been accepted .... perhaps it's not the money ... I'd guess not.

I know from conversations with older members, that Julian has shut it down on more than one occasion ... through frustration.

Like the old signs in cartoons say ..... "beware-thin ice"

We have no idea what the load bearing capacities are like!!

I make no apologies to anyone who disagrees with this ... we shall just have to agree to disagree .. like adults ...
but there are two sides to every story/argument/whatever and currently it's only being viewed from the one.
I see what you are saying, and I for one don't want to loose threads that people like yourself, Roy and the like to name a few have put a lot of time into and to loose it
Also trax can post anymore so we should hang on to his wisdom legacy and be a crime to loose that


I just want to post pictures like the old days I don't want to fuck about with facefuck, buckets, or any other media done it before and lost the pictures on it

Maybe Julian is frightened that updating the forum may loose some/all of the old posts but if that is the case if we are all told the consequences we could make a discussion between us all if it's a risk we would be willing to take

As for the running costs if Julian doesn't want handouts I will be willing to pay to advertise on the site as a few others probably will

As for leaving, maybe we all don't just switch off and move BUT I think people will start to dwindle off which is a crying shame I for one just get very frustrated with it

Anyway let's see
If it an't broke adapt it
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