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Default Re: Best wet weather gear is....

Originally Posted by Cheggars View Post
Kaiawaka are supposed to be very good(And expensive) and available in hi vis apparantly.
I have a set of non hi vis kaiawaka stormforce 250 quid for the coat was supposed to be the muts nuts and i have never been so disappointed in something the seems all leaked after half hour the sleves are to short the hood is far to small and has a silly stiff bit of plastic stitched in that got bent and is now uncomfortable to wear but its stiched on so cant be removed the rubber bits round your wrists to keep water out are 2 different sizes so one seals tight and one flops around
Its stuffed down the back of the seat for if i forget something better
The swazi waterproof smock in hi viz looks good
I prefer to wear a smock to a coat as i find the zip annoys me on lond coats and short coats the rain runs down your butt crack was undecided between that and the harkie but harkie was cheaper so will wear it with bib and brace
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