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Default Re: Priestman Beaver

Originally Posted by Old Operator View Post
Back in '77 I actually drove one of these loading tile works waste for farm roads. This one is a long & wide track build, as the tracks on mine were much narrower. From memory the boom / dipper /bucket were hydraulic from 3 piano style levers BUT all the slew / travel were mech drive like a normal Cub.
There was an engine clutch to start up & for emergencies, a directional clutch lever - this could be shifted via a 'travel - swing selector' to slew or tracking, a steering lever to declutch either track (when stationary) & a 'digging lock' / handbrake. The pump was a noisy Vickers vane model - you could hear it across the valley whining - It was said to be easier for me to master than the Wolf dragline.
I gather there were some that were totally hydraulic with track motors, as was the 3 RB. Ours used to be known as the 'Hydro Cub' in the yard, so perhaps the Beaver is the fully hydraulic model, do not know, was 41 years ago. On the tip only the occasional Bedford Tipper or ag tractor trailer turned up each day - but I was only being paid 18 per week so no matter! Was powered by a Dorman - Came on here to ask about welding but could not resist this - memories
now you say it ...... that does look like a 'Cub' cab
I'd say this is mechanical drive .... can just make out the drive chain in pic 2 and it has chain tensioners in the undercarriage, as well as the track tensioners, on the idlers.
slew / drive'd be a right PITA to get about with
I assume from your comment "stationary" that the drive/steering was via dog clutches

You'd know you'd done a day in that old girl
If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!
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