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Default Re: operator wanted sussex/surrey

Originally Posted by Local Diggers View Post
tiny, ive been working on a little franchise package if you want to buy an area!
Don't take this the wrong way Dan or Tiny (especially not Tiny!), but I don't understand for people who sign up to franchises. Always thought frankly they might as well just take a job. That's just me though, it may well work for others.

I can see you're coming at this from the other end of the spectrum (kerching! ) so good luck and I hope it's worth the hassle.

Personally I prefer to give 10% of the labour element of a job in a brown envelope to fellow tradesmen who recommend me. Cheaper than advertising, they weed out timewasters for me, and I can still pick and choose who I work for.

With a franchise I'd always be answerable the the main franchise company- "Why didn't you chase up that lead? Don't you know you represent us? And here's your monthly bill". Fuck that.

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