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Default Re: "spinnen bagger , walking excavator :shaft /terex HS41M

Kaiser, Menzi Muck, Euromach, and apparently XCMG are the only manufacturers of Spider Excavators these days. The smaller Menzi-Muck machines are re-branded Euromach machines. Kaiser has a new line out with the S10 and S12 models available as two wheel drive and four wheel drive models but I think they still make the older S2 series from what I understand. Menzi Muck came out with a newer line a few years ago and I think there was some improvements from Euromach as well but I don't know much about them. The Schaeff/ Terex machines have been out of production for a few years now I haven't heard too many good things about them but I have run their excavators before and I thought they were alright.
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