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Default Re: "spinnen bagger , walking excavator :shaft /terex HS41M

I am not sure if Batemag are still built, they were I think only built to order, & a very small part of the business. Later he adopted the name, Perhaps not using this now. There were two reconditioners of the older simple non powered wheel (non mobil) Kamo. The fact that there are many quite old ones with very low hours sort of put me off. I gather that Kaiser & Menzi adapted & improved the Smalley 5 -seeing the true market for this machine.

I was only looking to use a machine for a particular job - then use it within a 20 mile radius of home because of other commitments. It was sadly not a type for this. I do think in the UK at least this concept may be more the thing -as it has slope capability & can still readily do much effective work on flat land, is a more conventional looking machine But way beyond me personally.

They probably started out with an engine that could stand tilting in all planes to what they needed & worked out from there. The extendahoe makes this, meaning you can reach out on slopes, retract the dipper in before the full bucket ever leaves the ground. Working no doubt in a more conventional way on flat land. The expanding tracks are also part of the picture - meaning it is transportable but sure footed on slopes. I have driven a couple of Smalley's myself & also briefly an old Kamo Junior. Sadly extreme ill heath on the client's part meant the primary job never happened & now never will at least under his ownership. I did have a thread going on here re this, it was felt that I could do much of it with an expanding tracks 8018 & long blade arms option to jack me level for cross slope plumb sided trenching.
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