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Default Re: Kinshoffer tilt rotator

Originally Posted by furniss480 View Post
Dont know...... seems to have everything going for it ..... no rams and 55% tilt and i guess could prob direct mount as well ?
Would be interested in hearing from some of the tilty experts ..... its strangely quiet.
Sod's law. You take a bit of holiday and someone posts a tilty question although in fairness I didn't feel I should answer directly about a competitor's products. Since the subject has become more generic, I'll put my head above the parapet.

Most of this has been covered by others, but the main differences between this type of tilty and the three main manufacturers is the lack of rams. It does make for a narrower build - on a 10T model the width is around 410mm compared to 578mm for the Engcon equivalent, so you can get into narrower trenches without having to go to a twin hitch arrangement and you do have the extra tilt - upto 55 degrees (50 on the 14 and 19T) compared to 45 on ours. It's also fair to say that you don't have (tilt ram) hoses to watch out for, although most tilty owners don't seem to have a problem here.

Against this, the tilting torque is much less for these types of units and, when I've been asked about it, this seems to be the dominant factor in the decision making process when comparing ram vs ram-less. Our EC209 has around 24,300Nm to play with compared to the published figures of 10,500Nm for the ram-less variants. As has been pointed out earlier, when digging off-centre (which is what tilties are all about), the tilting torque translates directly to break-out force.



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