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Originally Posted by V8Druid View Post
the holes'll be a fraction out Huw because they're drilled square on to the face of the weight probably .... heading for an imaginary centre point about 30 or more feet in front of the machine, at a guess
No, the hole are drilled square to machine( if you see what i mean.) on both Blockes.
I'd not bother using the existing holes Huw.

Drill out the two inner ones top and bottom rows and the two outer most ones on the centre row if you really wanted to go for it, then drill and tap the existing weight to suit their alignment.
space the new weight off the existing with suitable spacers .... job done and lot less faff.
Yesterday 10:04 PM

Affraid you Lost me there. Sounds like it beyond my what tool kit is capable of.
What drill can be used to drill through a cast block like that.
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