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Default Re: What you getting paid???

what a load of sh*t,train drivers were on strike the other day over pay and conditions and there on mid thirtees. come and live in wales you get now where near and should think yourself lucky,in the building boom i had 5 people working for me and just about made 45k pile of paper work and accountants bills well over 1000 a year ,cis,cpcs,public liability etc this country does everything it can to stifle anyone with any ambition.all british industry f*cked and were importing stuff made from all the crap we sent to china,my advice is get as much cash as you can ,disclose nothing to no one on paper or internet and scam as much as you can because thats the only way youll get on in this country.australia have the right idea if you dont have anything positive to give you can f*ck off!!by the way happy new year to you all
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