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My problem is this,was contacted by agency I've never worked for,wanted machine operator with specific ticket,which I have,email confirmation 6 shifts,started job first 3 shifts ok,got text,not a phone call obviously not wanting to be 'bearer of bad news',late on 4th day saying agency's client didn't want people with ticket I have wanted something else,not to go back,woman from agency,when I rang her said she would 'try and do something about it' as she had email from client asking specifically for 2 operators with the ticket I have.Got text off her today saying client only paying for shifts done,I ain't bothered what agency's client pays to them,the agency got me up on job,knowing what ticket I have,and because they don't want to 'rock the boat' won't put it to their client that after having got people up to Glasgow for a weeks work it ain't fair to turn round half way through and 'bump' them,when we were doing the work the client and agency originally asked for,might have a case,might not,just know that after working 5 years self employed/through agency' haven't been treated like this before,don't intend to start now,oh yeah,made me laugh,woman from agency said'understand your frustration'will try and get you some work'well I ain't needed them in the past 5 years,if this is their idea of workwouldn't be doing owt else for them,'fool me once.shame on you,fool me twice,shame on me!'
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