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Default Re: kubota ignition switch problems

It could very well be that the hole in the key is a sensing device, not a laser but infra red. That could easily fit in an ignition barrel. If you want to clean the opto parts in the barrel use IPA, iso-propanol, an electronics cleaner that is safe on just about anything, not a flame! It will wash out and evaporate to remove any grunge. I use it to wash out the ends of hoses when I have to do an emergency repair with a reusable fitting, cleaning the angle grinder grit out of the hose end.

I really can't believe that a safety device, the lifting barrier, is wired through the ECU. That a computer malfunction could stop it working just isn't on. Really ought to be a mechanical device attached to a hydraulic valve to stop any oil flow. Even a switch can easily fail.

Thanks, I was wondering what the Kubota red and black keys are for after looking at the one in the auction.
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