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Default Re: Baldwins Operators License.

Originally Posted by Traxcavator. View Post
Did you see this Graham.H ?
Yeh I did thanks Tim .... boils my piss!!!

Originally Posted by d4c24a View Post
xecutive chairman Richard Baldwin was clear that the licences being withdrawn would not mean the end of the business. He told Cranes Today, “We, through our solicitors plan to appeal the decision. They are dealing directly with the traffic commissioner.
“The operators goods licences are for heavy trucks and support trailers. This decision applies only to the haulage fleet and the trailers. This does not apply to the cranes.
“Baldwins will continue to hire all its cranes, including the heavy cranes. We’ve had numerous calls from heavy haul transport companies looking to work with us. Through our solicitors, we’re applying for a new licence on a new company, called Baldwins Support Services Ltd, with a new transport director in charge.
“We’re open for business, and the hiring of all our cranes will continue.”
he should be rotting in debtors prison .. not spouting his bullshit bollox...
never caught me as I wouldn't cross hire for them .... know a few who did get 'took' though ..... bastard!!

Originally Posted by bigkit View Post
It is so bloody wrong that so many companies can go broke and be run so badly but are able to fudge the rules to keep going in another name. When applying it clearly states you should be solvent and of good repute to hold a licence. It makes a mockery of the system that the rules can be bent so far if you have the cash and the front to do it! The rules never seem to be so flexible for the little man who tries to do it right but might make a few mistakes along the way!

I've seen plenty if tipper firms rip the arse out of the system by going broke accidentally on purpose, not paying decent suppliers who suffer the most and then re-starting the following Monday! Something ought to be done about it!
Until the company laws in the UK are clamped down on it will continue to happen time and again ..... there're a few professional 'go bust' merchants around here ...... who should've been knee capped years ago.

no bankrupt should ever be allowed to hold any form of financial position, ever again ..... unless they can prove competency .. or the fact they got screwed by some other twat down the line.

Too many good people get taken by the like of these ****s, who simply carry on next week like sod all occurred, with all debts expunged !!!

HTF do they sleep, or face people again!!!
And we all pay indirectly for these thieving bastards antics ..... it's money that has vanished from the economy .... never to be seen again ! And we're talking billions, in total, sitting in these ****'s bank accounts ..... somewhere.
If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!
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