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Default Re: I-Dig systems 1D and 2D machine control.

Originally Posted by OllieGunns View Post
On day work surely you charge more if you go kitted with all the toys. I certainly do when I'm asked to bring a breaker for example.

I work 98% on price work and that's where a system like this could really earn some money. If it can do what I think it can then I could leave one man digging and save money having the labourer doing other work at the same time. Job gets finished faster, use less diesel - you earn more money PLUS as the time adds up, you can fit another job into the year, earning you again.

Having said that there is always a cost vs reward decision to be had and tiltys fall on the expensive side for me at the moment. On my size machine I wont be able to reap the benefits of having one. Anyway, we've all already had this discussion and I don't want to derail the thread

I'll get in contact with Aiden privately and see if it fits my needs. Don't want to be accused of tire kicking asking the price
TBH I am surprised at Aiden not responding with some sort of ball park figures to folks.

Like everyone else, I hate POA ads, with unrealistic figures of expectations, if you actually make the effort to chase it up.

Let's hope this does not fall into this category too, as it would appear to have a lot of interest and looks to be a good weapon, to have in ones arsenal

And TBF ... if it's good and realistically priced ..... why not put it up for all to see ... and admire
If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!
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