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Default Re: the 'demise' of common sense

It's not just common sense that has become extinct,but also respect
I was brought up in an era where you were taught to respect your elders and don't back chat,they knew better than you,they had been there before and would try and prevent you from making the mistakes they did
now it seems they all want "RESPECK"think thats how it's pronounced now if not you get stabbed!!!!
Not just respect your elders but tools and machinery alike
Someone borrows a spanner,just to put it back covered in grease or oil or worse still just dropped down in the mud where it was finished with.when mentioned you normally get the reply "it's only a spanner whats your problem"
Then the dark clouds appear,the red mist sets in,then things get explained quite strongly why this practice is not acceptable,but quite often respect is gained
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