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Default Re: Wey and Arun Canal

Originally Posted by Exc@v8 View Post
Hi Graham,
No Mig involved here, all stick. Pipes can be cut with gas in this situation, hence the pic. In this type of application the x-ray is done by a robotic creeper whilst the pipe is still open. The pig is used to flush the pipe. Think I have posted this pic previously, but pig(s) below.
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the pic. and info..
We've had several pipelines through our parts over the years, the earliest being McAlpines in the early 70's, with a Nat. gas line. (There're still a few D9s in the bog up at Llangynidr moor, they failed to recover)
One of the most recent was gas again and got involved with support for the main welding contractor Lynx Pipeline Welding.
They were pioneering a robotic 'strap on' mig head system which worked very well 90% of the time. Built 'em a lot of 'saddle' working shelters, which literally sat over the prepped joints and enclosed the process. (I'll try and find some pic.s to put up - fascinating idea).
They hung off a boom on a crawler, with the heads inside 'em, the power sources, gas tanks, etc on't crawler and everything 'fed in' on umbilicals.

They had some IMPRESSIVE pipe end hydraulic machining mills for chamfering and cutting with (talking 1200+ pipe) also hung on booms.

Orlando Thomas was the head honcho's name, who signed the cheques, American outfit and a fella by the name of Pete Cotter had the unenviable task of keeping everything running smoothly.
He had his own chair and mug in our 'tea room', as he was in and out like the tide, at my shop!!

As I recall, it all ended badly as the gas suppliers (who shall remain nameless, but everyone'll know 'em) weren't coming up with the purity required and joints were ending up with deep porosity and having to be re-done, too frequently, plus of course by the time they'd been x-rayed they might be 5 or 6 joints further up the spread and backtracking was a pain in the a*se.

Shelters ended up as just that, for stick boys to work comfortably in, out the crap. They never had it so good.
Pic.s may take a while to find as they're pre-digital.

Big pipeline work's a whole different league/world though, eh??

If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!
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