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Default Re: interesting and well overdue

Originally Posted by quattromike View Post
If they enforced the 20mph speed limit for agri vehicles and forget about the 40mph for hgv, let them do 50 then I'm sure them with their 50 or 65 kph tractors will get fed up with lack of progress and start using proper hgv for their haulage.
Its 25mph for tractors being reviewed againg this year or next and 40mph for hgvs only applies in Scotland

And agri registered vehicles dont have to have matching number plates so long as all plates are registered to the same keeper
The trailers number plate may also be mounted on the side and if it is no light required for it
However this is for ag use only

On a second note surely there needs to be a restricted milage o licence on hgvs with different testing and paperwork to encourage people to use lorrys that are safe and suitable instead of tractors
Its not just construction that would benefit i see dozens of overload tree surgeons that really need a shift to hgvs

And if nthing else all the tractors i see sighn written for groundworks never have decent tyres fitted or the proper spec wing mirrors or bumpers which seems daft for a tractor that is never going to be used for tractoring
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