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Default Re: Druid’s New Duck – ’99 Hydrema-Wiemar M1500

Originally Posted by topkit View Post
If it's any consolation it's still raining here in Kent the whole weekend, i can't do anything outside as soon as you walk on the grass water just comes up to the surface like sqeezing a sponge. I know that you wont have done your 3CX kingpost drain due to the weather, I have just picked up a very late F freg grey cab 1 owner since it was just under two years old, So a couple of weeks back i thought i would drain the kingpost so undid the drain plug and nothing much came out, so i started filling with fresh oil which after a couple of mins i am thinking that's a fair bit of oil in there now but i could not see the level near the top! Fortunately the bucket was still underneith the kingpost as the oil was running back out (no i had not forgotten to put the drain plug back in). But there was a second hole in the bottom of the kingpost so 8 bolts later the base plate was removed the bottom bearing housing slips off too, there is a large brass/bronze bush innside the housing which i am going to change as a matter of course as the bush is only £20. But the hole in the plate is where a welded tappered dowl should be this goes from the kingpost base plate and locates itself into the bearing housing to hold it in place whilst the kingpost swings round in it, before i refit it i will post a few pictures, also had to order a new bottom plate gasket and JCB only sell them in packs of 10 so i will have 9 spare ones if you ever need one. I have also purchased new slew pot seals which i am also going to change before i refill this time.
It is no consolation whatsoever TK ... our lawn is in a similar sorry state .... like walking on a floating carpet

Not stopped here either since Friday evening .... snowed last night, til about 7 this morning and has pissed down all day since

Me drains are all going full bollox and the roads here abouts are like rivers, as is our main drive ..... only saving grace is it isn't coming down in white lumps still.
Oh and all the run off is at least under 'some' level of control and staying away from the house .... so that can be termed as a result

Jake'll wait !!
If it's got tracks, wheels, t*ts, or an engine, at some point it's gonna give you trouble!!
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