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Default Re: Plant, Projects, Fixes and Fiascos

Originally Posted by V8Druid View Post
Aye it's fair lashing it down here ATM and blowin' like fook. Been dry all day and the ground was drying nicely, with the wind
Knackered again now

That is a very nice axle Boyo ..... dear item or you steal it

Some of the best projects are 'ad hoc' James .... as we both know, although I dare say, that like me, you put huge amounts of thought into it, before striking a blow

Those some of your 'special' wheel rims again on there, or off the shelf jobbies
Yeah, been blowing a hoolie all night here, but just peering outside as it comes light, not had the quantity of rain that was expected?

Axle was a bargain

I've got a fair idea where I'm going with it Gra, I'm sure you realise that, I'd be a fool if I didn't, I can 'see' it, but it is, as usual, a fairly organic process. If I was to draw it all out first, than I'd probably still be drawing! tackling each problem as it arises is best for me in this situation, but also trying to think ahead and not 'create' the next problem, but blindly solving the last! I'm sure you know what I mean.....

Wheels and tyres were bought as special orders, with the correct centres in the right place. I couldn't find any secondhand that were suitable anyway, and they are 26" so not as easy to come across as the 22.5s that I altered for the Thwaites.
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