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Old 06-12-2016, 07:18 PM
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Default Re: Trax / Tim Rayner 19/3/61 - 13/10/16

Heads Up and have a read , very fitting

To start with I'd better explain that although it's got 'd4c24a' at the top of this post, it's actually being written by tony24713. My account has been disabled as I have not visited the site in about 2 years and despite various requests to reactivate it, I've heard nothing back. I'm grateful to Graham for posting this on my behalf.

It was by chance that I visited the forum about a month ago and read about Tim's death. Although I never met him in person, I did get to know him on here back in the early days over 4 years ago. Like anyone who has a real passion for their profession, Tim always gave advice freely and generously to anyone who was obviously genuinely interested and trying to get the job done. He could be a bit quick off the mark at times but gained my respect by being equally quick to admit he was wrong when necessary - something very rare these days. Contrary to popular belief, when you die you're not judged by your achievements on this earth but rather by the hole that you leave when you're gone. Reading this thread, I'm looking into one hell of a hole.

A few years ago I mentioned a little book I had called 'Dozer Operation' on a thread Rory had started. Tim asked me something like ' Tone, what about doing a few copies for us on here?' I said OK and several copies were sent out to what are now very senior members of the forum. Tim's opinion of the book when he finally got it was 'excellent' - the content , not the copying. I've spoken to Graham and Rob and we all feel that it's a good idea to do another reprint in memory of Tim. It'll be the same as last time but with one exception. Under the title on the front cover will be -

Reprinted in 2016 for members of The British Construction Equipment Forum in memory of 'Trax' - Tim Rayner 1961 - 2016.

I hope this meets with everyone's approval. We'll start a new thread titled ' DOZER OPERATION - a book for Trax' in a few days time that'll tell you how to go about getting a copy.

That's about it for now, Tone.

Shame there is no response from Julian of the so called admin Graham
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Old 06-12-2016, 07:19 PM
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Default Re: Trax / Tim Rayner 19/3/61 - 13/10/16

Bumped deliberately for old operator but it appears there was no need due to nice news.

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Old 24-01-2017, 11:50 PM
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Default Re: Trax / Tim Rayner 19/3/61 - 13/10/16

Bloody Hell! This is absolutely shocking news. I am not sure where to begin... Need ot let this one sink in for a bit....

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Old 25-01-2017, 04:59 PM
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Default Re: Trax / Tim Rayner 19/3/61 - 13/10/16

Good to see you keep an eye on things
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Old 25-10-2018, 11:57 AM
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Default Re: Trax / Tim Rayner 19/3/61 - 13/10/16

just a bump in memory

Originally Posted by AtlasRob View Post
The following is from Tim's dad.

I am sorry that this is all very delayed but ‘things’ have in some ways, both emotional & practical, become so over whelming at times to the point of ‘surreal’ - & so many other factors of life have intruded & hampered us without mercy – but that is life, whatever one is suffering, most of the world knows nothing & cares not at all about it! Most of ‘the world’, of course, has its own cares & worries, many far greater than ours. Many friends have already known of Tim’s passing for some time & we are most grateful for the many tributes made & condolences given. Below is our sad ‘formal notice’ &, now included on 2nd page, the details of our arrangements to ‘say farewell’ & to ‘celebrate his life’, to be on Tuesday 8th November at 2.15 pm (14.15 hrs), at a Crematorium & other venue near Bracknell.

TIMOTHY WILLIAM RAYNER, known to most folk as Tim.

Dear Friends,

Tim Rayner, born 19th March 1961, passed away 13th October 2016.

It is with great sadness and sense of shock that we write to tell you that Tim died on Thursday 13th October at a little after 7 o’clock in the morning. He was at home, with his partner Corinna holding him, and we believe that he passed away as peacefully as could be hoped for in the circumstances. On Wednesday, the previous day, he had been out on sites, doing various things, meeting ‘the lads’ and other people, and saying that he felt quite well; that evening he was not feeling very well. In the morning he was very unwell and even though Corinna called the emergency services, who were there within minutes, they were unable to save him. Totally traumatic for Corinna but they were at home, together, & we believe that all was done to help him that could have been done in those circumstances.

He has bravely endured, for over 4 years, three substantial surgical operations, from one of which he was given only a 50:50 chance of surviving the anaesthetic, also various other procedures and numerous therapies, including much repeated chemo-therapy, and we are very grateful for the extensive care given to him at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and Wexham Park Hospital, Slough.

It seems probable that, finally, and, it seemed, quite suddenly, his heart and other organs could no longer cope.

All who knew him will probably know or have realised that he had a near lifetime devotion for the ‘large, (and usually) Yellow machines’. The ‘pushers & shovellers’, the dozers & excavators, lifters & haulers that move, improve, build, clear and restore the soils, minerals, structures and recreational areas of our World! Whether operating them, caring for them, repairing them or knowing ‘inside out’ many of the ‘industries and sectors’ within which they did their good work, his knowledge and skills were huge and wide ranging. This was both his work and much of his ‘play’ and thus his ‘experience acquired’ knowledge of the full scope, including ‘the people’ working within the activities of the sectors where the ‘Yellow’ machines and equipment reigned, mainly those of quarrying, restoration and landfill – within the latter of which, much of the waste and refuse created by so many has been processed & as carefully as possible disposed of by ‘so few’** - , was ‘honed’ by him over more than 40 years. He was in some ways a larger than life character and most certainly often brought some substantial challenges to his Dad over the years, in our efforts in trying to run a small business in sectors which are mostly dominated by very large Businesses. It seems that very few people who met or knew him are very likely to forget him. We miss him enormously. **I hope Tim doesn’t mind me slipping in a bit of PR for waste handlers!

He is survived by his Partner, Corinna, & their Daughter Georgina, whose 8th birthday was only 9 days after she lost her Dad, also his younger Brother Ian & wife Pauline & by his Mum & Dad, Joan & Mike R.

On behalf of all the above, Mike Rayner. Originally written on 15th October 2016, much amended since.

Long Footnote: As YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED, at the top of this missive, we have a date for Tim’s Funeral, next Tuesday, 8th November at 14.15 hrs, at a Crematorium near Bracknell, Berkshire, and a gathering about 8 miles away, to remember and celebrate Tim’s life. Details now included below.

Anyway, shocked, saddened and a bit lost as we are, we hope to do more celebrating his life than mourning our loss at his passing. A bit cross that he has not been granted more time with us on this earth, but for us, certainly for me, he will always be in my head and my heart (so it’s a few more rows and disagreements yet to come) for as long as I have a memory, just as my parents have always been and I think and hope that’s how all his family & friends can be and will be. Any ways up, there’s nowt else we can do really, that’d make much sense, is there? To me all spirituality is in the heart & mind of each of us individually.

So, if you may want to and may be able to join us, don’t feel it has to be in black unless you feel comfortable that way anyway. We’ll be looking for laughter as well as tears. Smart and relaxed casual, just as you way wish. But all oily boots and mucky ‘hi-vis’ to be removed at the doors, please!

PS. If you may be able to join us, perhaps you could let me know, don’t know what we’ll do if ‘too many’ turn up – go out and buy a few more packets of crisps, maybe!? You think I’m joking?? For the information of Family folk and those ‘not in the Plant World’, some of the above and some other words that I am sending out, or have sent, is because Tim knew a huge number of people through ‘earthmoving plant’ circles and Forums. There could be large numbers attending – we just don’t know either way.

We are providing this to many people but realise that for many they may not have the time and maybe some people hardly knew him. This is for information, not an expectation that you should be there. So please, if you can and if you wish to, please join us. We have no idea how many there may & I have had to guestimate catering!! I regret that, for some, this notice is very short, but, here is ‘where & when’:

1/ Cremation service is on Tuesday 8th November commencing at 2.15 pm:

Easthampstead Crematorium, South Road, off Nine Mile Drive, Wokingham, Berkshire. RG40 3DW.

2/ Social gathering: Bird Hills Golf Centre

Drift Road, Hawthorne Hill, Nr. Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3ST.

Biggish Car Park. Good Bar (sorry all, it’s pay bar. We do have some business challenges just now).
Tel: +44 01628 771030
My Landline: 01753 683936. Mobile: 07748 631018.

Some of his good mates are assisting and supporting us immensely and have even set up a ‘Just Giving’ site before they even knew what we would like them to donate to. What they have done and already donated has brought us to tears, our gratitude to them will also remain within us forever, I am sure. We have now Nominated ‘John Radcliffe Cancer Ward’ as the main beneficiary but we are happy for anyone who wishes to and is able to contribute in Tim’s memory, to donate to any good Cancer cause, including perhaps a Hospice in their locality, but please, if your means are limited, donate only as you can truly afford. The Link: If you’ve got this on line, click on the link & have a look, it doesn’t commit you in any way unless or until you decide, if you have this as a hard copy only, you’ll need to put it, or search for it, on line. With our thanks and best wishes Mike R. On behalf of all the Family.
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