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Default Re: - it's started BTLs

Originally Posted by JD450A View Post
Think you are missing the point of why us lot use tractors for some jobs down here, alternative is to track machines onto sites as simply put the roads are too narrow or windy for much more than a 100-150 horse tractor and short trailer. IMHO once you pass a tandem axle trailer you should be using a lorry regardless as a triaxle is far less manoverable than a 6x4 wagon. Different worlds and the regulations IMHO need to catch up to the fact that lorrys have become too large for some roads but the weight of machinery that would once of just been tracked in or carried on a tractor and trailer needs to be taken by either a lorry or the aforementioned tractor. Prime example is a site we are on atm which is only just accessible via my new lorry. unless it's short wheelbase your buggered and SWB plant lorries are non existent.

Whole tax, O license, Hours issue is a overcomplicated can of worms that anyone can quickly fall foul of. Difficult to envisage how much of a utter pain it is to run a lorry as a small operator or owner driver.
we have the same problem here rory,no one runs a rigid plant lorry and you cant get an artic lowloader to a lot of places theres a ban in one place on artics so to move machine 2 miles is a 3 hour trip one way and they charge back to there yard 99% of my work is on farm land so i get tractor as often as i can but its a problem when its a busy time for farmers/contractors .often wouldnt get small jobs if couldnt use tractor due to haulage costs
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