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Default Concreting

Evening All,

I'm after a bit of advice on concreting. We do a fair amount of small slabs and agricultural concreting, usually tamped finish with an arrissed edge, but I have recently been asked to do a small slab with a brush finish.

The slab is 5.4x 2.6 x 0.2 with a layer of A142 at 100mm. Would I be correct in thinking that the process would be to tamp and screed as normal, then float the concrete, let the bleed water soak back in and then trowel and brush in one?

Also I have spoken to a few people and there's a difference of opinion in tools.
I.e can a "Big Blue" steel trowel be used for the initial floating and the trowelling, or does it have to be floated with a magnesium bull float.

Also what are people's views on using spray on protection for covering the concrete after finishing in warm weather? Or is he old clear polythene sheet the best option?

Just interested to hear how other people work and any advice greatly appreciated!

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